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In the News "Kay says that some gadgets with superficial Dynabook-like qualities, such as the iPad, have not only failed to realize the Dynabook dream, but have in some senses betrayed it. That's one of the points he makes in this interview, conducted by computer historian David Greelish, proprietor of the Classic Computing Blog and organizer of this month's Vintage Computer Festival Southeast in Atlanta (the Festival will feature a pop-up Apple museum featuring Xerox's groundbreaking Alto workstation, which Kay worked on, as well as devices which deeply reflected his influence, including the Lisa, the original Macintosh and the Newton). Kay and Greelish also discuss Kay's experiences at some of the big outfits where he's worked, including Xerox's fabled PARC labs, Apple, Disney and HP. Today, Kay continues his research about children and technology at his own organization, the Viewpoints Research Institute." A great interview with this legendary man.
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RE: Fully agree!
by darknexus on Wed 3rd Apr 2013 12:40 UTC in reply to "Fully agree!"
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As they are now, they are mostly an expensive toy to read email, browse the web, read ebooks and play games.

You obviously haven't done any audio recording or production on iPads lately. They're a damn fine center of a portable studio. They're also excellent wordprocessing platforms for school with the addition of a bluetooth keyboard, with battery life no laptop has yet matched. No, you can't program on them but I'm continually amazed at what they are capable of now. As I'm not much of a programmer (though I can code some basic stuff in a pinch if I have to) I don't judge the worth of a device based on whether I can code on it but whether I can do what I need to get done. Two years ago I laughed at the iPad. It was nothing but a blown up iPod Touch then, with no real content creation apps to speak of. Now I have one for on-the-go work, and wouldn't be without it. It can't replace my desktop and never will, but it makes a better laptop for my purposes than a traditional laptop ever has.

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