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Qt Two recent articles cover the success of Trolltech and their product Qt 4, on which KDE 4 will be based. 'Trolltech: A case study in open source business' looks at the continued growth of the company based on dual licenced Free Software. The article describes what KDE and Trolltech gain from each other, including user feedback to Trolltech and sponsored developers for KDE. The Australian Computerworld declares that Qt 4 raises the bar for cross-platform app dev tools. They cover the separate modules of Qt 4 and the cross-platform quality, giving it a 9.2 out of 10 approval rating.
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RE[2]: well
by Hiev on Fri 4th Nov 2005 18:27 UTC in reply to "RE: well"
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You can be sure TrollTech is having a hard time and its only hope now is Qtopia, Qt is simple to overpriced and to over hyped, no one would buy a $3,300 dls toolkit to program for Windows that's why they had to gpl, because no one sane woul buy it with better and cheaper options out there.

Qt is technical good, but not an option to Windows only programers, they have a chance in the multiplatform area but there's also GTK and wxWidgets, that are cheaper and can do the jood well done too.

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