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Gnome "The team is proud to announce the release of MATE Desktop 1.6. This release is a giant step forward from the 1.4 release. In this release, we have replaced many deprecated packages and libraries with new technologies available in GLib. We have also added a lot of new features to MATE." Look at those screenshots. This is what GNOME is supposed to be: elegant, understated, to-the-point. I should try this.
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RE: Outdated
by MacMan on Wed 3rd Apr 2013 21:33 UTC in reply to "Outdated"
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Please... Why are there still these conservative people who like the windows 95 desktop still?

I too am sick of the obsession with Windows 95 being the pinnacle of user interfaces. (yes, Gnome2 and KDE are clones of the Windows95 interface paradigm).

Really is simple, If you look at the age of most Linux users, chances are their first operating system was Windows95. Microsoft reinforced this as all subsequent Windows versions carried on the Windows95 interface (except finally a break with Win7).

So, Windows95 is simply what most people have been trained, or perhaps accustomed to using. Change is fundamentally disruptive, so anything that does not resemble Windows95 is met with resistance.

Originally I disliked Unity as it was buggy, unstable and incomplete, but I finally switched over from Gnome 3.6 and I'm fairly impressed with Unity (in Ubuntu 12.10), just wish Unity Tweak Tool was officially part of the control panel.

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