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Google It's apparently browser engine day today. After Mozilla and Samsung announcing Servo, Google has just announced it's forking WebKit into Blink. Like WebKit, Blink will be open source, and it will also be used by other browser makers - most prominently, Opera has already announced it's not using WebKit, but Blink. Update: Courtesy of MacRumors, this graph illustrates how just how much Google contributed to WebKit. Much more than I thought. Also, Chrome developer Alex Russell: "To make a better platform faster, you must be able to iterate faster. Steps away from that are steps away from a better platform. Today's WebKit defeats that imperative in ways large and small. It's not anybody's fault, but it does need to change. And changing it will allow us to iterate faster, working through the annealing process that takes a good idea from drawing board to API to refined feature."
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RE: The name
by Delgarde on Thu 4th Apr 2013 01:36 UTC in reply to "The name"
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I don't really have an opinion on forking webkit, but couldn't they have chosen a better name than blink? When you think of BLINK and HTML, what does that remind you of? Why associate the name of your framework with what was probably the worst HTML tag ever conceived? ;)

I know what you mean. When I first saw this story being mentioned, there was no link, so I had to google "blink web browser". No surprise, most of the hits were about <blink> tags...

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