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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, Facebook sent out an invite to a press event, to come check Facebook's 'New home on Android'. The press and bloggers went nuts, proclaiming that Facebook would fork Android and create its own phone. However, if you didn't wear the sensationalism-induced glasses, it was obvious from the invite itself that there would no forking of Android, and AndroidPolice confirmed it today.
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I'm not on Facebook...
by rklrkl on Thu 4th Apr 2013 21:02 UTC
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2005-07-06 this event has zero interest to me. In fact, I wonder how many Android users are actually also Facebook users - anyone got any figures? The "natural" fit is Google+ on Android surely? Or am I missing something?

The problem with Facebook is that it's probably quite polarising - if this (somewhat pointless) launcher starts coming as standard on a range of phones (and maybe becomes uninstallable - i.e. there's no fallback launcher if you decide you don't like the Facebook one), it could actually have a discouraging impact for many non-Facebook users looking to buy a new Android device and not wanting to be F'd over.

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