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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Facebook has unveiled its Android launcher replacement, called Facebook Home, the Android launcher that's just perfect for those of us with perfect friends with perfect photos and a perfect life. Oh, and it'll get ads, too. No thanks, Facebook.
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On the notifications
by WorknMan on Thu 4th Apr 2013 22:46 UTC
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While I certainly don't want a Facebook launcher, I really wouldn't mind having more of my notifications on the stock lock screen like Facebook Home has (as opposed to lock screen widgets, which can be a little 'iffy').

On iOS, if you get a notification, you just turn on the device and it's right there on the lock screen - no need to pull down the notification bar. IMO, this is much more convenient than the Android way. Obviously, there may be security concerns so it should of course be optional to turn on that functionality, but I hope Google does more in this area for Keylime Pie.

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