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Games More and more evidence is pointing towards the next Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection in order to play any games - i.e., once you lose your connection, you can't play any game at all. Three minutes after losing your connection, "your" game will suspend itself and stop playing. Microsoft's Adam Orth took to Twitter to defend this anti-consumer practice, but he did so in the most ungraceful of ways.
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by MOS6510 on Fri 5th Apr 2013 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510"
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I can't figure out what you are trying to say.

My point is that an increasing number of people have an always-on Internet connection. One reason being that it is used for more than just surfing, but also for other services like VoIP and television.

So the connection is always on and if it goes down people will prioritize it going up again over playing games.

What I object to is Microsoft's "demand" that you have an Internet connection in order to play on the new Xbox. This seems to have no benefit for the players or the games. The only use I see is DRM and some form of control 'n' surveillance. This makes Microsoft appear very distrustful of their own customers.

What happens if something goes wrong at Microsoft? A power outage, a technical glitch, their XBox division goes bust, they deem if not worth the effort anymore, etc... ? Can you still play those expensive games then?

The always-on Internet connection is a mandatory dependency that's forced upon you, it's not there because it's actually needed to play any game.

I have an Atari 2600 that can still run games after 30+ years. Can the new Xbox do that too?

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