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Games More and more evidence is pointing towards the next Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection in order to play any games - i.e., once you lose your connection, you can't play any game at all. Three minutes after losing your connection, "your" game will suspend itself and stop playing. Microsoft's Adam Orth took to Twitter to defend this anti-consumer practice, but he did so in the most ungraceful of ways.
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Before calling me an "MS fanboy" check out my comments on other topics here on OSnews.

While I'm certainly no fan of MS I think I might have stumbled over one of Sony's, else I really can't explain the passion or name calling.

On the issue of being able to install linux on something like the PS3, that was an option a long, long time ago. Sony decided they wouldn't allow it anymore and changed the firmware accordingly (sometime in 2010) . People were left with a choice: upgrade fw to be able tot play new titles on their PS3s or keep the current one that allowed them to install another OS on there.

There was a huge outcry and almost a lawsuit. Judge tossed it out. Google it up.

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