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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Jolla, the company behind SailfishOS, has released the SailfishOS SDK for Windows, OS X and Linux. Developers've got everything they need to develop now - let's hope this picks up enough steam.
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I hope it takes off
by deusinvictus on Fri 5th Apr 2013 16:00 UTC
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I hope it does take off, it probably won't effect me much anytime soon (I live in the US and don't have the money to try and import anything right now), but I'm glad for the competition. I never got to play with the Nokia N9, but I was impressed by what I saw. I'm pretty happy with Android, but I would love to see more competition. I hope this takes off and while I'm not overly optimistic I also hope BB10 helps keep Blackberry alive.

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