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Hardware, Embedded Systems AlienWare (so Dell) has just unveiled a gaming PC running Ubuntu and Steam, designed to be hooked up to a TV - essentially a Steambox. "With over 25 gaming titles available and more being added, users can access Steam For Linux to play online games, including your favorite titles like Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam 3." Everything starts out small, but with Valve going full throttle with this, expect this library to grow.
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RE: Year of the Linux ...
by missingxtension on Sat 6th Apr 2013 14:37 UTC in reply to "Year of the Linux ..."
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Oh please, no thanks on the drm.
You would never remember buying a retail boxed copy of half life 2 ep1 and having to install steam? That's the only reason I have a steam account. What about people all over Europe stuck with a game they could not play, why because to play single player you needed internet. You would never remember that, I bet you don't remember buying physical games that can be resold and borrowed. I gave my friend my steam user and password so he could play half life two, along with the retail box. That is pathetic!! Once the serial is registered to me, that's it.
You have always been able to game. On Linux, I was gaming on Linux since q3 and et. Take steam crap and keep it. Give me stand alone ports.
Steam is DRM at its finest, then to make things worse.
If you want to play. You have to update. On a 50meg connection you would still download at 700kb/sec.
There is a reason a lot of companies are signed up with steam, its not because of the digital distribution either.
Download pacsteam and see for yourself, they have a list of compatible games, if you install a game that's not on the list. The game won't work. Yes that's DRM on top of drm. Not to mention you can actually get banned from your account and won't be able to access the games you are renting from them.

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