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Games More and more evidence is pointing towards the next Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection in order to play any games - i.e., once you lose your connection, you can't play any game at all. Three minutes after losing your connection, "your" game will suspend itself and stop playing. Microsoft's Adam Orth took to Twitter to defend this anti-consumer practice, but he did so in the most ungraceful of ways.
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the more they overtake the plumbing...
by redshift on Sat 6th Apr 2013 16:43 UTC
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MS and TIme-Warner Cable have both had extended unplanned outages over holidays when they did not have the proper staff on duty to fix it quickly. Previously, I might of been able to play something like Oblivion that did not care if it was online.

It always seems that when I finally have time to play a more involved game, the internet decides to break.

If the game has real features that require a online connection, then fine. But don't do it just for the hell of it, or for draconian DRM.

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