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Hardware, Embedded Systems AlienWare (so Dell) has just unveiled a gaming PC running Ubuntu and Steam, designed to be hooked up to a TV - essentially a Steambox. "With over 25 gaming titles available and more being added, users can access Steam For Linux to play online games, including your favorite titles like Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam 3." Everything starts out small, but with Valve going full throttle with this, expect this library to grow.
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RE[5]: More like 100 or so
by lucas_maximus on Sun 7th Apr 2013 11:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: More like 100 or so"
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You can customise and buy any of those 4 listed:

Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz Quad Core
Ubuntu operating system
8GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz (2 DIMMS) *
1.5GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 *

So its not limited to just the i3 version.

No but I wouldn't buy $1000 machine that has a 1.5 GB 660GTX if I wanted a gaming machine.

Windows tends to crap out performance wise after a while due to the registry, the single worst ill thought out idea to ever hit any operating system. The concept of a registry is just stupid and shit.

No it doesn't I have a few hundred programs installed on my work PC. This is a myth from the Windows 2000 era.

You can bring up any anecdotal evidence you want to back up your claims, it still doesn't change the fact that Windows (including 7) is known to suffer performance issues over time due to registry bloat. This is why Registry Cleaners exist. [q]

What you are saying is anecdotal. If you go around installing lots of crap on your system then you get problems with Windows.

The same happens if you install lots of stuff on Linux that has services.

Windows is a magical beast that falls over after a certain amount of time. When people say this I really think they don't really understand the basics of how computers work.

[q]To me it seems quite opposite, Dell must have been happy with the previous trials to now offer a greater range of Linux based platforms.

FYI: Ubuntu 12.04 is LTS release with 5 years support, so it does come with 5 years support from Ubuntu.

No Dell are getting in on the hype of Steam on Linux.

Except they don't actually keep up to date with things like browsers and they are reducing the support.

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