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Games More and more evidence is pointing towards the next Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection in order to play any games - i.e., once you lose your connection, you can't play any game at all. Three minutes after losing your connection, "your" game will suspend itself and stop playing. Microsoft's Adam Orth took to Twitter to defend this anti-consumer practice, but he did so in the most ungraceful of ways.
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RE[5]: Comment by Chris_G
by aaronb on Sun 7th Apr 2013 11:56 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Chris_G"
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I am not sure you understand the difference between a console with software that is designed to fail when an unrelated problem occurs such as playing on a single player game and loosing connectivity and better designed software where single player always works but sometimes multi player does not because there is no internet connection.

In the former case a decision was made to stop games from running regardless of whether the game needed an internet connection and in the latter case a decision was made to continue playing games unless there is a related issue that prevents the game running correctly.

Your Windows 98 analogy is flawed because you can still play single player games and applications using Windows 98 even though it is many years old. Windows 98 does not check that there is an internet connection and then refuses to load games and applications if there is not one.

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