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Internet & Networking Peter Bright has summarised some of the post-fork discussions on the WebKit mailinglists. "Now that Google is going its own way and developing its rendering engine independently of the WebKit project, both sides of the split are starting the work of removing all the things they don't actually need. This is already causing some tensions among WebKit users and Web developers, as it could lead to the removal of technology that they use or technology that is in the process of being standardized. This is leading some to question whether Apple is willing or able to fill in the gaps that Google has left." There's a clear winner and loser here.
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Comment by jigzat
by jigzat on Mon 8th Apr 2013 20:27 UTC
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I'm an Apple fan but I'm realistic, yes I know how it sounds. But I actually applaud Google's move as long as they don't fragment the WEB as Internet Explorer did back in the 90's.

On the other hand I really don't like Chrome although I'm not saying Safari is better. Chrome has its V8 which is the only good thing about it but if you download Apple's WebKit builds and compare it with Chromium builds (I think it comes with Blink), WebKit's is faster at loading websites (of course disabling Chromes site pre-fetching). I have no idea why Safari isn't. Maybe Apple is being cautious.

I just wish Apple comes with it's own V8 alternative.

They are both companies one is selling stuff the other sells attention, so they are not good or evil they are both the same. People complain a lot about WebKit age and complexness but remember it is a fork of KHTML which is not young, on the other hand remember at the beginning there was a crash between KHTML and WEBKIT teams regarding features, so is not like Apple wanted it to be complex, they had to satisfy KHTML developers to get their blessing.

Apple is not paying attention to Safari because is not a device seller, is just a money pit. They wanted a browser to stop fragmentation of the WEB in favor of Internet Explorer and end up it's partnership with Microsoft. And now there are many neutral alternatives.

If Apple kills Safari I would miss it's simplicity a lot.

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