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In the News Sigh. First it was the Apple TV. Then it became smartwatches. Now we're moving on to Google Glass competitors. People, this is all bullshit. Made-up nonsense to get hits. Headlines like 'X to release Y competitor' score a double whammy; X blogs will get excited about it, Y blogs will complain about X being a copycat. So, with one made-up story you score double the amount of hits. It's a variant on the old but now rarely used 'X to release Y killer', where 'Y' was usually an Apple product.
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I have never made up a fake story for hits. I would love to see your examples.

You've never made up a fake story as far as I know, but you sure have no issues with linking to them, and presenting them as authentic. Here is one... I know it's not recent, but it's the one that immediately comes to mind:

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