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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The reviews are universally positive, and virtually everyone seems to agree: the HTC One is one heck of an Android device, and quite possibly the best phone currently on the market. Outstanding build quality, great design, fast - and just like the One X before it, it looks like to me it's a far better phone than its Galaxy counterparts. Why, then, is no one buying HTC phones?
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RE: Advertising.
by gan17 on Mon 8th Apr 2013 22:42 UTC in reply to "Advertising."
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What he said.

Samsung's bludgeoning HTC (and almost every other Android maker) in the advertising space. Yes, Samsung ads are mostly corny, but they still generate massive exposure for them.

Add to that the fact that Samsung usually uses it's financial muscle to build bigger booths (and pay floor management for central positions for those booths) at most of the tech hyper-stores.

I'd wager Samsung also have the most ads floating online, whether they be via sponsorship (like the Verge had in the past) or ad-sense banners.

Shame, really. I think HTC make more attractive devices than Samsung. If I were in the market for a non-Nexus Android superphone (which I'm not, thankfully) the HTC one would be my first choice.

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