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Games The Wii U isn't doing well. "We're told by someone with access to the NPD's data that sales for January were 'well under' 100,000 units. By our estimates, sales were somewhere between 45,000 and 59,000 units for the month, which is lower than any of the three previous-generation home consoles sold in their worst months, with the possible exception of a recent performance by the original Wii." All that is old will be new again.
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Nintendo apeal
by uridium on Tue 9th Apr 2013 03:48 UTC
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I dunno.. N64 was for me the last console they made that I wanted to buy. I really wish I was interested in the games on Wii and probably WiiU .. but when I play stuff at my friends places, it just doesn't do it for me and I find that the "cutesy" "G" rated style of most games won't hold my attention for long .. never did really. I want to like their kit .. but just don't. ;)

I dunno.. perhaps being in my very late 30's .. I've finally figured out that I've out-grown Nintendo products?

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