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Legal After Microsoft's extortion racket has failed to stop Android, and after Oracle's crazy baseless lawsuit failed to stop Android, and after Nokia adopting Windows Phone failed to stop Android, Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle are now grasping the next straw in their fruitless efforts to stop Android: they've filed an antitrust complaint with the EU, claiming Google unfairly bundles applications with Android.
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RE: Some truth ...
by bnolsen on Tue 9th Apr 2013 15:49 UTC in reply to "Some truth ..."
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Is google making money from purchases made on google play? What's to stop MS or anyone else from relying on the app store itself for revenue? Oh yeah, that's not part of MS's business model, who likes to charge an arm and a leg just for the OS itself!

Sounds to me more like this is an attempt by MS to change the market through legal means instead of changing itself to adapt to the market!

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