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Microsoft "After years of domination, Microsoft is finally facing serious threats at the cores of its business, Office and Windows. Consumers and businesses alike are largely purchasing devices based on their capabilities and form factors rather than the software contained within. Windows is slowly becoming commoditized and Microsoft's traditional allies are looking at Android and Chrome OS as viable alternatives, a trend that threatens the Windows monopoly. Microsoft faces a tricky balancing act as it faces a future that's very different from its existing business." Good article by Tom Warren.
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RE[2]: A fork in the road?
by tylerdurden on Wed 10th Apr 2013 19:10 UTC in reply to "RE: A fork in the road?"
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No. No. God no. They'd be throwing away the keys to the kingdom. Microsoft has the most competent cloud computing platform built on Windows, Office still sets the bar for productivity suites, and the installed base of Windows is stupidly big.

Windows users still vastly outnumber iOS, Android, OSX, and Linux combined. If Microsoft can herd even a fraction of those users to Windows 8, they exposure would be incredible.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the mobile market has already surpassed the PC Market. Smart phones have outsold PC for a couple of years, and tablets will be there in a couple of years.

Those two markets are comoditiced now and have brutal growth rates, the problem for Microsoft is that they do not have a controlling presence in either. And this is a new situation for them.

Although Microsoft may have the keys to a very large kingdom, that kingdom is stagnant. So who knows...things are going to get interesting.

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