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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "A recent poll by MKM Partners reveals that an overwhelming 83% of Americans do not know that BlackBerry has launched their new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone or new Blackberry 10 platform. The company's trouble does not just include marketing woes. The Wall Street Journal reports that over 50% of customers have returned their BlackBerry smartphones after trying out the platform. That is not to say that BlackBerry hasn't reached the top of any list. We learned today that BlackBerry is the most undesirable smart phone, learning that 71% of people would not consider the BlackBerry under any circumstances." BlackBerry denies the return rate figures, but that still leaves the others. This is devastating.
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by kurkosdr on Thu 11th Apr 2013 21:53 UTC
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I will sound cliche, but is there room for a third platform? For example, all my purchased apps are in the Play Store. I don't have the apk files and cannot get them without some hacking, so chances are I 'll want to protect the money I 've spent so far by buying a phone featuring the Play Store again. Back in the days when apps were shipped in CDs/DVDs or as files, you could in theory build a compat layer like WINE (not that this ever worked in practice) and move to another OS, but now with app stores keeping your apps, you are officially locked in.

Most of the market share growth Android and iOS are posting (and Windows Phone to a lesser extent) is because they are getting users from the pool of Symbian/old Blackberry/feature phone users, which however is about dry up, not because they get users from each other (this happens, but it's rarer because of the lock-in). IMO once the pool has completely dried up by the end of 2013, it 'll officially be game over for any "third" platform. The last chance for all those "third platforms" (Blackberry 10, Ubuntu phone, WP8) was in 2011 and early 2012, too bad none if them bothered to show up.

Everyone from MS to RIM to Canonical keeps talking about becoming "the third platform", as if they are so certain such a thing can exist anymore. I wonder how many people returned their BB10 phones because they found out there was nothing interesting in the app store (because of developer indifference created by a lack of users/market share).

What is your opinion? Can there be a third platform?

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