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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "A recent poll by MKM Partners reveals that an overwhelming 83% of Americans do not know that BlackBerry has launched their new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone or new Blackberry 10 platform. The company's trouble does not just include marketing woes. The Wall Street Journal reports that over 50% of customers have returned their BlackBerry smartphones after trying out the platform. That is not to say that BlackBerry hasn't reached the top of any list. We learned today that BlackBerry is the most undesirable smart phone, learning that 71% of people would not consider the BlackBerry under any circumstances." BlackBerry denies the return rate figures, but that still leaves the others. This is devastating.
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by Moochman on Thu 11th Apr 2013 22:20 UTC
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Two years ago when I was in the U.S. BlackBerry was blitzing the TV airwaves with ads just as much as Samsung (albeit for a less desirable OS), and they had huge recognition. I'd be surprised if that's not the case now... and if so then I expect the awareness of the new products to increase significantly.

Also I expect they will be able to get more recognition once the QWERTY Q10 comes out, since it's got the trademark form factor.

In any case I am pretty surprised at these results, considering historically BB has been pretty aggressive with marketing in the U.S... but maybe it's just a matter of time, after all it's been less than two weeks(!) that it's been on Verizon! Samsung Galaxy SII needed something like half a year after release to ramp up the numbers before being declared a "big hit", if anyone can recall....

On the whole presenting these figures this way smacks of premature FUD aimed at lowering the stock price and pushing investors/the board to be sell-happy and make more stupid premature decisions....

But whatever, what do I care. Let's all jump on the "beat up on the little guy" bandwagon once more and egg the naysayers on, innovation/competition just causes more trouble than it's worth, let's fight the good fight to stifle it with our words...

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