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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "A recent poll by MKM Partners reveals that an overwhelming 83% of Americans do not know that BlackBerry has launched their new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone or new Blackberry 10 platform. The company's trouble does not just include marketing woes. The Wall Street Journal reports that over 50% of customers have returned their BlackBerry smartphones after trying out the platform. That is not to say that BlackBerry hasn't reached the top of any list. We learned today that BlackBerry is the most undesirable smart phone, learning that 71% of people would not consider the BlackBerry under any circumstances." BlackBerry denies the return rate figures, but that still leaves the others. This is devastating.
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Also, as several commenters on the article's page mention:

MKM partners [the source of the survey] is short on BBRY and NOK, so of course it will reiterate sell rating. If you are short on these stocks, you might be lucky in short term but long term (beyond 2 months) these idi*ts will not be able to manipulate these stocks.

WOW looks like someone is trying the help the now 155699 ( 2.3 billions )shorts as of march 28th

MKM Partners’s Michael Genovese has been shorting BBRY and NOK stocks all along. Of course he will say sell sell sell. Before the BBRY earning, he said BBRY will report a loss. However, after BBRY report a positive earning number, what is his comment? Continue to re-initiate a sell rating.. His so call survey is so fake. I can say I did a survey where everyone is interest in BB10.

So I guess asking the real questions like…

” would you purchase a BlackBerry 10″ wasn’t worth the effort?

These ” Surveys” are really worthless. Same value as “Select” channel checks.

These guys have a vested interest in the the questions are worded carefully or answers are not published if they don’t fit the model.

So much for journalistic integrity...

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