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Legal After Microsoft's extortion racket has failed to stop Android, and after Oracle's crazy baseless lawsuit failed to stop Android, and after Nokia adopting Windows Phone failed to stop Android, Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle are now grasping the next straw in their fruitless efforts to stop Android: they've filed an antitrust complaint with the EU, claiming Google unfairly bundles applications with Android.
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I asked you why you were so against something and you came up with the usual extremist viewpoint and I answered you.

You seem to be incapable of realising that people have different reasons for choosing product other than a rigid set of beliefs that you think everyone should adhere to even when the vast majority of people don't even factor these into their decision. That is definition of a zealot and nothing you have posted has proven otherwise.

Observations based on past and current behaviour are not ad-hominem attacks, however much you claim otherwise.

Cost is not an "extremist" position.

By sharing development costs across 84 alliance members and other parties, the Open Handset Alliance can produce a (software) platform that costs consumers nothing. As single software companies, Apple and Microsoft must charge perhaps $90 per device for their platform, and this cost IS passed on to consumers.

You may not care that Microsoft or Apple wants to control what features and apps you may or may not install on your device, and you may even be correct in your claim that this is not an issue for many, but let me assure you, cost and value-for-money are very much issues for the majority of consumers.


Please try to remember, it is not just one factor in Mobile OS that is to the consumer's advantage for an open platform, it is every factor.

The fact that you try to label someone as "extremist" when they point this out speaks volumes about the extraordinarily low quality of your argument.

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