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Google "Beneath the sheen of do-gooder ideology, FairSearch can be most charitably described as a Google watchdog. It seeks to fan the flames of disapproval where they've started organically, originate them where they haven't, and generally disseminate negativity toward the Google brand. Think of it as a PR firm working to destroy rather than create goodwill." To make matters worse, FairSearch' work isn't even very good.
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RE: Mixed feelings about this
by cipri on Fri 12th Apr 2013 23:04 UTC in reply to "Mixed feelings about this"
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Related to google fibre:
you noticed that you can get google fibre for free (just some little connection costs) and forever (as long as it exists). And even the bandwith of the free version is not that slow. In a lot of countries for that bandwith you pay a lot of money every month.
Nobody is forcing you do be a client of google.
There others too that offer searching services, others who offer a replacement of google maps, g+, youtube,... the list is very long.

A tone of opensource projects are sponsored by google, that's why a lot of commercial products, became more cheap or even free.
Try to imagine how it was in the era before google, when you had to pay a lot for even simple software of services, or you had to pirate. Now, with the help of google, we have a quite good open source community, that offers a lot of operating systems and software, which are sufficient for most of people.
Take a look for example how much money google invested in opensource projects, and how much patents they bought from others, and then released it under opensource licenses. Google chrome improved my web experience a lot, and the sync function works great, nomatter on what device I am (at home, or at a computer at school, etc..).
Why is google so successful? Because they are intelligent, because they have great developers, and it's fine if the market is dominated by the capable and intelligent once. And the others who are incapable of good innovations, come up with license claims for inventing the wheel and the fire.
Ask yourself why does CERN (fundamental research center) use the google hangouts?
Because they are not ideologic idiots.
Kasparov was for about 20 years the world champion in chess. Should somebody have told him: mr. kasparov, please slow down, so that others have a chance too, otherwise you have the monopole in chess.
What do you expect, that the stupid ones should have the same success as the intelligent ones?
What should google do? Send some of its developers to microsoft to help them finally make a good browser and search engine?
Microsoft has a lot of money. If they want, they can buy good developers too, and they also can make their OS (windows) open source and microsoft can start supporting open source projects, if they think that these "unfair methods" are making google successfull.

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