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Google "Beneath the sheen of do-gooder ideology, FairSearch can be most charitably described as a Google watchdog. It seeks to fan the flames of disapproval where they've started organically, originate them where they haven't, and generally disseminate negativity toward the Google brand. Think of it as a PR firm working to destroy rather than create goodwill." To make matters worse, FairSearch' work isn't even very good.
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one other thing about Google culture
by TechGeek on Sat 13th Apr 2013 01:36 UTC
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I want to say one more thing about Google. And that is Google culture. Google attracts the best and the brightest because they have a business attitude and culture that make people want to work there. People want to believe in the work they are doing. If Google starts acting like Microsoft, you will see the stars leave Google like a sinking ship. Its a somewhat new idea in careers I think, but people realize that they will be happiest in life when they are happy with their jobs. Its not just about earning a salary anymore. People want to make a difference. Google epitomizes that belief.

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