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Microsoft "After years of domination, Microsoft is finally facing serious threats at the cores of its business, Office and Windows. Consumers and businesses alike are largely purchasing devices based on their capabilities and form factors rather than the software contained within. Windows is slowly becoming commoditized and Microsoft's traditional allies are looking at Android and Chrome OS as viable alternatives, a trend that threatens the Windows monopoly. Microsoft faces a tricky balancing act as it faces a future that's very different from its existing business." Good article by Tom Warren.
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RE[7]: Chrome OS?
by benali72 on Sat 13th Apr 2013 08:24 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Chrome OS?"
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Bassbeast has got it spot on. MSFT is in trouble because they're messing with their existing business & customer base.

As with Vista, they can pull out of this if Windows 9 re-establishes greater compatibility with the past (flick-on START menu, more normal-looking desktop for desktop users, etc). But if Win 9 continues to disappoint the user base, watch out MSFT. The new form factors are legitimizing alternative OS's, and if MSFT continues to mess with their base, they may fall quicker than one could imagine.

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