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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I'm working on a long and detailed article about Psion and Symbian (similar in setup to the Palm article), I need to dive into a number of devices that I have never personally owned. One of the devices that was atop my list was what I think is the ultimate Symbian device: the Nokia E7 - the last of the long line of Communicators, released in early 2011. While more detailed information about it will find its way into the Psion/Symbian article, I figured it'd be interesting to give a few first impressions.
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Oh Symbian
by silviucc on Sat 13th Apr 2013 09:39 UTC
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Just when it was starting to get good... Nokia got in bed with MS and dropped it. Are they in a better position now? It looks like they are not. Windows Phone does not really sell. The company became a litigious puppet for Microsoft... nobody really cares about them now.

I've got a 5800 Xpress Music and love it. Good hardware, good battery life, very nice music player and radio functions for long trips and a real GPS module that does not need an internet connection to pin-point your location.

It's a real shame. The QtSDK was starting to make Symbian development a nice experience... Damn shame.

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