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Windows You can say what you will about Windows Phone and Windows 8's Metro interface (I refuse to drop that name) - it's inefficient, unpopular, cumbersome, beautiful, ugly, organised, clean, limiting - but there's one thing we can all agree on: it's unique and distinctive. CNet has published a profile of Microsoft's Albert Shum, the man behind Metro, and he highlights what I think is at the very core of Microsoft's problems in mobile right now.
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RE[2]: Graphical Clutter
by leos on Sun 14th Apr 2013 23:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Graphical Clutter"
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But iOS *is* confusing. Just like every other platform.

All platforms are obtuse, complicated, and confusing. You just have to pick which one pisses you off the least.

Nope. Part of my job is teaching people with brain injuries how to use our apps (iOS). The huge difference between iOS/Android and Win8 is that on iOS/Android, all available actions are afforded by the UI. On Win8 you need to know and remember several non-obvious gestures to find functionality in the UI that you otherwise would never stumble across.
There is a HUGE difference between an interface that you can use by exploration, and one that requires memory. Yes most people can _learn_ to use Windows 8, but essentially no one can figure it out without instruction.
Nevermind the distinction between desktop and metro mode on Win8 tablets, trying to explain that to a non-technical user is hopeless.

As for Metro itself, the reason it is beautiful is humans appreciate simplicity. This is the trick that is used on every mockup for any new UI. The designers leave out the necessary complexity and it looks great. The problem with Metro is that they tried to actually take their beautiful mockups to market as a product, and so we ended up with the beautiful but completely unusable apps like the Windows App store, Windows Photo app, Windows Mail app, etc that are universally hated.

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