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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I'm working on a long and detailed article about Psion and Symbian (similar in setup to the Palm article), I need to dive into a number of devices that I have never personally owned. One of the devices that was atop my list was what I think is the ultimate Symbian device: the Nokia E7 - the last of the long line of Communicators, released in early 2011. While more detailed information about it will find its way into the Psion/Symbian article, I figured it'd be interesting to give a few first impressions.
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by henderson101 on Mon 15th Apr 2013 09:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by cdude"
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I wanted what it appears most of the investors wanted: Add Android as a middle tier between low-end Symbian and high-end Meego, with a Qt runtime as a Nokia Android value add (so all 3 phones could run Qt apps and reward all those Qt developers who stubbornly stuck with Nokia).

Sorry, Meego was already lost to most Maemo developers, because Maemo was based on GTK+. We were promised that our GTK+ based API would stay and all would be well, but they we were sold out to Qt. So, really, I'm not sure who all the supposed Meego Qt supporters were?! Nokia successfully mismanaged Maemo/Meego in tot he ground a long, long time before Elop arrived.

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