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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I'm working on a long and detailed article about Psion and Symbian (similar in setup to the Palm article), I need to dive into a number of devices that I have never personally owned. One of the devices that was atop my list was what I think is the ultimate Symbian device: the Nokia E7 - the last of the long line of Communicators, released in early 2011. While more detailed information about it will find its way into the Psion/Symbian article, I figured it'd be interesting to give a few first impressions.
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by bassbeast on Mon 15th Apr 2013 15:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by cdude"
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Thanks because THAT is the kind of stuff I was talking about! When Elop got there the place was already a mess, MANY bridges had been burned, and the OSes they had just couldn't compete with what was out and the time, certainly not without the third party devs which as you pointed out found out they were wasting their time and moved on.

Now did I think WinPhone was a good call? Nope, if it were my call I'd have tried to get my hands on WebOS but for all we know he may have made a call to HP and been told to get lost. And for those saying "Android!" how many companies are making money on Android now? Samsung and...yeah pretty much Samsung, even HTC has posted some losses, why?

Because Android has a fatal flaw in that anybody can put out android devices so you WILL have a race to the bottom,there is no way for Google to avoid it. Look at how many unauthorized Android devices you can find now at every B&M on the planet, most customers won't know the difference between Nokia hardware and that cheapo Chinese crud hardware, all they will know is the Nokia is 3 times the price of the unit next to it so they'll pass on the Nokia.

If you want to blame somebody? The answer is simple, its the same answer as HP, MSFT, and AMD, its the board that let the mess go on for far too long before trying to do something about it. Like it or not Nokia was in VERY bad shape by the time they brought Elop in, they let the whole Meego/Maemo thing go on too long and as you pointed out run off the Maemo devs while they were at it, they let Symbian get way behind the times, they simply didn't manage the business well and when you are talking about a business as cutthroat as mobile just slacking off like that is deadly.

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