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Windows You can say what you will about Windows Phone and Windows 8's Metro interface (I refuse to drop that name) - it's inefficient, unpopular, cumbersome, beautiful, ugly, organised, clean, limiting - but there's one thing we can all agree on: it's unique and distinctive. CNet has published a profile of Microsoft's Albert Shum, the man behind Metro, and he highlights what I think is at the very core of Microsoft's problems in mobile right now.
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Windows 8 is a dumb business plan
by ze_jerkface on Tue 16th Apr 2013 06:12 UTC
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You make money by serving customers, not by trying to force what they don't want.

Of course the Win8 defense team will resort to their "fear of change" argument but Apple and Android devices are selling like crazy despite having interfaces that are different than Windows 7.

Even if you like Metro you have to admit that Windows 8 is a dumb business plan. Well you don't have to admit it now but in the future it will be like flat earth theory. Business professors in the future will talk about Microsoft's "Coke 2" and be amazed that so many defended such a stupid plan.

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