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OSNews, Generic OSes Almost exactly three years ago, I wrote about why OSNews was no longer OSNews: the alternative operating system scene had died, and OSNews, too, had to go with the times and move towards reporting on a new wave of operating systems - mobile, and all the repercussions that the explosion of smartphones and tablets have caused. Still, I was wondering something today: why aren't we seeing alternative operating systems on mobile?
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but programming in the past involved writing ALL your own code, no libraries or API's, without Google and using Assembler or other less modern languages.

Today a lot of stuff is pre-made and by Googling you can easily link those pre-build blocks to make something that works.

The older generation of computer programmers were shit compared to the even older generation who had to build their own transistors and circuits. They had no assembler, or even a keyboard and monitor.

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