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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I'm working on a long and detailed article about Psion and Symbian (similar in setup to the Palm article), I need to dive into a number of devices that I have never personally owned. One of the devices that was atop my list was what I think is the ultimate Symbian device: the Nokia E7 - the last of the long line of Communicators, released in early 2011. While more detailed information about it will find its way into the Psion/Symbian article, I figured it'd be interesting to give a few first impressions.
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by bassbeast on Tue 16th Apr 2013 09:34 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by cdude"
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Look up the numbers Thom, there is A REASON why Android is outselling Apple like 30 to 1 yet Apple is making a ton more money than all of the Android companies combined, its because they are in a death spiral straight to the bottom. Sure there are high end Android devices...what are the sales figures on those? Probably not very good.

Again its human nature, you see 2 devices side by side, both running the same OS, both the same size, only one is a third of the price of the other? For every one you sell of the higher priced you'll see 20 of the lower. Its the same thing we saw in X86 which is why Dell and HP make on average a lousy $8 on some of their biggest sellers, because at the end of the day "good enough and cheap" trumps "great and expensive" by one hell of an amount.

And did I say the Windows call worked? Nope in fact i said its pretty obvious that it didn't, I merely pointed out he was brought on after they had been mismanaged for ages and there really wasn't a good call to be made. And what makes you think a Nokia Android would sell for squat anyway? Samsung and HTC already had a BIG headstart and frankly could have done (and do) Android better than Nokia, there really wasn't anything Nokia could do in that arena that Samsung and HTC couldn't do better, especially Samsung with their R&D.

Again if it were me and there would have been a chance in hell of getting WebOS I would have went that route over WinPhone, WebOS was nice, modern, easy to port software to, its just a nice OS. But you predict Nokia dead in 5? that may be true but I predict Android will be in the same boat X86 is now in 3, with Chinese crud dropping the bottom out so only the most cheapest devices with razor thin margins have a chance. Oh you'll still have one or two high end models, just as X86 as Alienware and Falcon but just like Alienware and Falcon the niche will be so small as to be not worth counting, its gonna be a plummet to the bottom for Android.

in fact I would be surprised if we didn't have dual core Android tablets and phones for $100 by Xmas, maybe even as low as $50. At those prices "good enough and cheap" will pretty much gut a lot of the midrange Android gear, probably will see a lot of the high end flop as well.

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