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Google The day has finally come: Google has started shipping Google Glass to the lucky few early adopters. Now that it's shipping, Google has also unveiled a lot more about the API and the specifications of the device itself. While the company had already given out substantial details at earlier occasions, there are still a few surprises here.
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Terms of Service
by WereCatf on Tue 16th Apr 2013 10:25 UTC
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For instance, programmers are not allowed to serve or include advertisements in their Google Glass service, nor are they allowed to charge for them. In addition, you are not allowed to use user data obtained through Glass for advertising purposes either - you can't use it yourself or forward it to an advertising agency. I'm guessing this is done to make sure Google attracts the right kind of developers - enthusiasts who are in it not for the money, but for the excitement of a new class of device.

Well, this should be delightful news. Every single god damn time there's been talk about Google Glass there've atleast a few people proclaiming how they don't want ads pushed in the faces or how Google and everyone else will just use Google Glass for marketing. The only thing left for these "privacy enthusiasts" to complain about is the ability for Google Glass to record audio and/or video, but...well, once you realize that you already are under 24/7 surveillance and tracking there's not really much privacy to lose anyways.

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