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OSNews, Generic OSes Almost exactly three years ago, I wrote about why OSNews was no longer OSNews: the alternative operating system scene had died, and OSNews, too, had to go with the times and move towards reporting on a new wave of operating systems - mobile, and all the repercussions that the explosion of smartphones and tablets have caused. Still, I was wondering something today: why aren't we seeing alternative operating systems on mobile?
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Consider this
by Kochise on Tue 16th Apr 2013 12:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Hmm."
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Making a hobby OS for PC :

1- Learn x86 (cry a lot)
2- Use an assembler/compiler (experiment a lot)
3- Put on floppy disk, reboot, debug, crash
4- Repeat
5- Bonus, you can use a virtual machine

Making a hobby OS for smartphone :

1- Learn ARM (which version, ARMv4, v5, v6, v7, thumb ?)
2- Use a compiler, do not mess with eabi, forget assembler
3- What reference platform ? Device drivers someone ?
4- Fuuuuuck, what is the flash file structure ?
5- Fuck, need to s-off, root, recovery, flash the phone first
6- How do I debug this mess ? Crashed ! Bricked !
7- Abandon...
8- No, there is no valuable emulator, only Jtaged single boards computer that cost...


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