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Google Eric Schmidt has done a talk at Dive Into Mobile today, and knowing Schmidt, we're in for quotable stuff. First, Android activations are up to 1.5 million per day now - which is insane. That's one The Netherlands every eleven days. Or, what takes Windows Phone a holiday quarter, Android does in four days. Schmidt also touched upon Facebook Home; a journalist asked him a question about it, referencing a Microsoft statement about Google most likely wanting to block Home, and in reply, Schmidt called Home a "tremendous endorsement" of Android's Play Store strategy.
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RE: Involountary
by TemporalBeing on Tue 16th Apr 2013 17:25 UTC in reply to "Involountary"
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Involountary activation is not an endorsement. Just as checking your inbox at youtube automatically creates a google plus account for you and post everything you do to boost google plus usage. You have to delete the google plus account manually after the youtube update for it no longer to be posted.

Not sure how that relates to Android. They're basically talking about devices that are activated b/c of purchases; whether you use a Google account for that or not is a wholly other matter.

Google should really stop forcing people to use the less liked products like picasa and google+, if it stands on merit and price people will use it.

While I agree that things done to push up numbers should not be...I'd still have to disagree that G+ and Picasa don't stand up on their own due to merit...but then, I like G+, far more than I like FB; and I also found it strange that when I logged into FB the other day (after many months away), I thought "this looks just like G+".

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