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Google Eric Schmidt has done a talk at Dive Into Mobile today, and knowing Schmidt, we're in for quotable stuff. First, Android activations are up to 1.5 million per day now - which is insane. That's one The Netherlands every eleven days. Or, what takes Windows Phone a holiday quarter, Android does in four days. Schmidt also touched upon Facebook Home; a journalist asked him a question about it, referencing a Microsoft statement about Google most likely wanting to block Home, and in reply, Schmidt called Home a "tremendous endorsement" of Android's Play Store strategy.
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Not accurate
by twitterfire on Tue 16th Apr 2013 17:28 UTC
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I've reinstalled cyanogenmod on two phones using different gmail addresses each time and installed another firmware on my tablet using another gmail address.

Maybe I signed in google servers about 10 times with different emails after os reinstalls. So maybe they count it as 10 activations if they don't use some form of hardware id.

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