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Windows Microsoft's Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, talks about the competition. "With iPhone, I sense that it's running out of steam. With iOS, [Apple] just added a fifth row of icons. Android is... kind of a mess. Look at Samsung - there's clearly mutiny going on. The only OEM making money off of Android is Samsung." There's truth to all these statements, which makes it all the more surprising that Microsoft appears to be unable to properly capitalise on them. Sure, WP appears to be doing well in a few select markets, but by no means the kind of success Microsoft and (Nokia) was banking on. Microsoft will pull through. Nokia on the other hand...
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RE[7]: So what
by lucas_maximus on Tue 16th Apr 2013 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: So what"
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What exactly does this have to do with Vista sales figures?

I don't really care what happens in the mobile and tablet market. Microsoft will eventually be another IBM. Apple is the new Microsoft and Google is the new Apple.

Desktop aren't going away, nor or laptops, they are just going to be in less demand as things like mainframes and mini-computers before them.

Also with many applications now either being webapps or being always online, the actual platform they run on is pretty much irrelevant.

Comments like the OP on OSNEWS are nothing more than than the lowest form of nasty comment because they really can't think of anything intelligent to say, they just hate Microsoft.

I talked with some people that have this attitude and it is impossible to discuss the merits of a particular tech. I told one particular Java developer why I preferred C# and his response was pretty much "lol microsoft" and then I mentioned Mono.

I fed up of this Open vs Closed fanaticism. That Microsoft must fail and that they think they are sticking it to some evil man in an ivory tower somewhere. It is childish.

I use a huge amount of open source software for development. Bought OpenBSD releases for the last 6 years and use Linux on my laptop. Yet I am called a $hill and a fanatic because I correct people on things on the platform I know best.

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