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Windows Microsoft's Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, talks about the competition. "With iPhone, I sense that it's running out of steam. With iOS, [Apple] just added a fifth row of icons. Android is... kind of a mess. Look at Samsung - there's clearly mutiny going on. The only OEM making money off of Android is Samsung." There's truth to all these statements, which makes it all the more surprising that Microsoft appears to be unable to properly capitalise on them. Sure, WP appears to be doing well in a few select markets, but by no means the kind of success Microsoft and (Nokia) was banking on. Microsoft will pull through. Nokia on the other hand...
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Fortunately for me, my wishes and comments around Nokia have been pretty much on the mark for many quarters. Meanwhile the same people who said Nokia was going to die a year ago, are still saying Nokia is going to die any day now.

Companies are like the Titanic. You want the damn thing to just sink and get it over with already, but you end up having to wait like two hours for the painfully obvious grand finale, and by the time it arrives it's boring as hell and doesn't go out with any kind of "bang" at all. Similarly, companies don't just die instantly in most cases... it usually takes time. Unfortunately, in this case, "time" is usually measured in years or even decades rather than a few hours. This makes the three hours wasted watching Titanic and waiting for the excitement to build seem like nothing.

And even the worst of them typically refuse to get the hell out of existence once and for all, either choosing to downsize themselves into complete irrelevancy or having their various assets (name, brands, etc.) pawned off to the highest bidder, ensuring that their ghost will forever be around and remain as a pestilence to haunt us all.

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