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Mozilla & Gecko clones OneStat reported that Mozilla's browsers have a total global usage share of 11.51 percent. The total usage share of Mozilla increased 2.82 percent since April 2005. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market with a global usage share of 85.45 percent which is 1.18 percent less as at the end of April.
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what is incredible that people* that are supposedly informed or interested on IT, still defend the 6 years old, unsecure, unstable sw IE6SP1 is ... it looks like they don't realice how bad has IE made to the WEB ... just think for a moment ... IE went in no time from 1.0 to 6.0, while they where the underdogs, then, they stalled for ever, just after killing Nestcape ... can you see it?

* i suppose that if you read this type of web pages, you do are interested at least on technolog.

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