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Google Eric Schmidt has done a talk at Dive Into Mobile today, and knowing Schmidt, we're in for quotable stuff. First, Android activations are up to 1.5 million per day now - which is insane. That's one The Netherlands every eleven days. Or, what takes Windows Phone a holiday quarter, Android does in four days. Schmidt also touched upon Facebook Home; a journalist asked him a question about it, referencing a Microsoft statement about Google most likely wanting to block Home, and in reply, Schmidt called Home a "tremendous endorsement" of Android's Play Store strategy.
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RE[3]: Comment by gan17
by gilboa on Wed 17th Apr 2013 07:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by gan17"
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Did it ever occur to you that I'm an Android user (Nexus 7) and am just sick of the way Google curates its Play Store?

See, this is what I don't get. In the old days, it was normal and completely acceptable to criticize the product you paid for. Now, all of a sudden, the customer has become the cocksucker. You pay money to give them head? WTF!!

1. Your comment of was OT (What does infections have to do with the number of activation per day?)
2. Your comment didn't include any type of factual information to back up your claim (if there was a claim to begin with).
3. Your next comments is simply rude (not to me personally, but to anyone else).

Surely, if you have a point to make, it can be done in a civilized, factual manner, am I wrong?

- Gilboa

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