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Windows Microsoft's Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, talks about the competition. "With iPhone, I sense that it's running out of steam. With iOS, [Apple] just added a fifth row of icons. Android is... kind of a mess. Look at Samsung - there's clearly mutiny going on. The only OEM making money off of Android is Samsung." There's truth to all these statements, which makes it all the more surprising that Microsoft appears to be unable to properly capitalise on them. Sure, WP appears to be doing well in a few select markets, but by no means the kind of success Microsoft and (Nokia) was banking on. Microsoft will pull through. Nokia on the other hand...
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I think pretty much all Linux-dominated markets could be fairly categorized as "a mess", which is another way of saying "a driven herd of excited manufacturers are innovating like crazy with a broad stack of flexible technology".

Give me that kind of "mess" any day of the week!

Example: Steve Jobs declared the 7" tablet DOA. The first few Android 7" tablets didn't quite get it right, then the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire stole Christmas. Cue the iPad Mini, which is also selling like crazy. Why, now I hear even Microsoft will "permit" their little camp of licensees to look into possibly making a 7" tablet eventually (ahem).

"A mess" is sometimes just the label we use for "figuring out what the customer wants".

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