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Windows Microsoft's Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, talks about the competition. "With iPhone, I sense that it's running out of steam. With iOS, [Apple] just added a fifth row of icons. Android is... kind of a mess. Look at Samsung - there's clearly mutiny going on. The only OEM making money off of Android is Samsung." There's truth to all these statements, which makes it all the more surprising that Microsoft appears to be unable to properly capitalise on them. Sure, WP appears to be doing well in a few select markets, but by no means the kind of success Microsoft and (Nokia) was banking on. Microsoft will pull through. Nokia on the other hand...
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RE[4]: So what
by Nelson on Wed 17th Apr 2013 14:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: So what"
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A few other quotes for you to explain away as "ridiculous":

"PC shipments dropped by 14% in the first quarter of this year...As IDC pointed out, it was the single biggest year-over-year drop since the company began tracking PC sales in 1994.

Do you think an OS that was more like Windows 7 would've change this? I really don't.

"Hidden in IDC's analysis was an unusual assertion; namely, that Windows 8 had not only not helped PC sales, but actually depressed them.

Its useful to separate IDCs cold hard data from their conjecture. This becomes the gray area where I stop really taking what analysts say at face value. If you want to believe them, that's fine with me. I won't. I've been burned by analysts before.

"Win8-specific apps have been a non-starter.

Anyone not currently building a Windows Store app has a broken business model. It is a goldmine. Windows 8 is going to have a market penetration that is incredibly attractive to developers.

Being worried about this is just devoid of all reason. I can personally vouch for the attractive revenue that's to be gained.

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