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Hardware, Embedded Systems "While much of the tech world views a two-year-old smartphone as hopelessly obsolete, large swaths of our transportation and military infrastructure, some modern businesses, and even a few computer programmers rely daily on technology that hasn't been updated for decades." Back when I still worked at a hardware and plumbing store - up until about 4-5 years ago - we used MS-DOS cash registers. They are still in use today. If it works, it works.
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by griffinme on Thu 18th Apr 2013 14:59 UTC
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I was part of a team that migrated our accounting software. The old system was all keystroke based. It did not use a mouse... EVER. It was intended that you would have a stack of invoices and that your right hand would never have to leave the number pad. As long as A -> B -> C-> D -> etc. held true it was incredibly efficient way to enter data. But when A -> B -> B -> F -> R -? and you had to try to do something slightly different than normal it was an exercise in frustration trying to get to the right field using the secret key combos (not kidding, it was supposed to be a security feature) in the right record to make changes. The new software was all mouse and window based. But now there is constant mouse > keyboard > mouse > numpad > mouse > etc. But it does handle unexpected things much better.

Oh and as added plus the new software stores numbers as numbers instead of text. All numbers would be text in reports. To get things to work in Excel you had to multiply all columns with numbers by one to get Excel to then treat them as numbers.

Our other modern software package is not much better. 90% of the tables have a primary key made up of 4 fields. They also thought that it would be better to store everything as positive number and then include an extra field with each transaction saying if it was a credit, debit, or other. So if you take someone's account and add everything together you get garbage. Data normalization.... who needs it?

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