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General Development "You often hear about how important it is to write 'readable code'. Developers have pretty strong opinions about what makes code more readable. The more senior the developer, the stronger the opinion. But, have you ever stopped to think about what really makes code readable?"
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Comment by TempleOS
by TempleOS on Thu 18th Apr 2013 23:27 UTC
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So we all agree 7-bit signed ASCII is pretty stupid, now that parity or 7 bit transmission is not around. You have to clobber people over the head to see the obvious, don't you. They'll zombie walk doing a new system with ASCII. UTF would be the correct choice for all source code. I don't like that though -- variable length symbols in my StrCmp().

I made my own compiler. It works best with 64-bit values. I forget, but I frequently use just 64-bit wrong-sized args and return values worried about avoiding needless zero-extensions or sign-extensions.

I wasn't careful about signed and unsigned, but one day made eveyrthing signed.

My logic is like the BASIC language where begineers just have one type of integer. I want just one type of integer in my language 64-bit signed.

It is actually a brilliant idea -- like the stupid ideas they do with C# to make it easier for beginers, that never make it simpler. LOL

The exact same logic for the C# language applies to one signed 64-bit integer type in the language -- beginner frfiendly... misguided, perhaps.

What kind of retard thinks memory managment can be made simpler than MAlloc Free? Retards.

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