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Windows "Many PC OEMs are dissatisfied with what Microsoft has done with Windows 8 and the way the company has handled the negative response to the operating system. Privately, one OEM source told me that Microsoft is 'destroying' the PC industry, while another claimed that Windows 8 has 'handed over millions of customers to Apple'. Other OEMs are making their displeasure known publicly. Both Lenovo and Samsung have released Start button replacements for Windows 8." Windows Phone isn't the only thing not catching on. I'm really happy with my Surface RT - warts and all - but there's no denying the response to Windows 8 has been Vista-esque bad.
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"I doubt it would be Linux, though, in any of its current forms

But I strongly suspect it will be Linux in yet another remix.

That's exactly why I phrased it as I did. I don't feel comfortable predicting whether it will be a Linux-kernel + modifications + some new userland or not, but that would be the easiest path forward.

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