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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "You'll remember the 'scroll and select' days of S60, hopefully. Smartphones driven by a navigational d-pad with central 'OK' button. Now look in your hand to see Symbian in Belle Refresh or Belle FP2 form and there's very little similarity. How did we get from one to the other and could things have happened differently? I say yes."
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Not 20/20 hindsight
by mkone on Fri 19th Apr 2013 18:00 UTC
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I can't believe the article is trying to make the argument that the 5800 could do more than the iPhone one year after the iPhone's launch. Seriously deluded thinking.

The iPhone had a superior music player, a superior browser, a superior email client, superior contacts management, a superior video player, superior maps application (OK it didn't do turn-by-turn navigation, but was superior in every other way).

A year after launch, the iPhone got an app store, and then it could do way more than the 5800 ExpressMusic.

It's fine to argue that an Android phone can do more now than an iPhone, but to claim that the 5800 was superior to the iPhone is delusional.

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