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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I'm working on a long and detailed article about Psion and Symbian (similar in setup to the Palm article), I need to dive into a number of devices that I have never personally owned. One of the devices that was atop my list was what I think is the ultimate Symbian device: the Nokia E7 - the last of the long line of Communicators, released in early 2011. While more detailed information about it will find its way into the Psion/Symbian article, I figured it'd be interesting to give a few first impressions.
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by zima on Fri 19th Apr 2013 20:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by cdude"
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I'm so sick of everybody blaming Elop when Nokia was badly managed for so long
When you compare that MeeGo to Android 2.x and Apple iOS 3 (which is what its competition would be at the time) I'm sorry but its just not in the same league, it needed a LOT more polish
a lot of Linux fans get rose colored glasses when talking about MeeGo and don't realize how much of a mess it was
I mean when they called in Elop they had no less than THREE internal OSes scraping for resources, you had Symbian, MeeGo, and the Java based one I can't even think of the name of offhand

S40 (which isn't really Java-based - it's better to say that it supports 3rd party apps via j2me). But there's also S30 (for really low-end handsets).
BTW, not only there was lots of infighting, the resources were simply wasted - only 3 years or so ago, the Symbian division alone had bigger budget than the entire R&D of Apple ...with meagre results.

You might be also interested in (at the very least its Conclusions)

But be careful when speaking here against the Meego kitten that was killed...

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