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Apple "All of those questions, messages, and stern commands that people have been whispering to Siri are stored on Apple servers for up to two years, Wired can now report. Yesterday, we raised concerns about some fuzzy disclosures in Siri's privacy policy. After our story ran, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller called to explain Apple's policy, something privacy advocates have asking for." Apple cares about your privacy.
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RE[3]: Finally?
by curio on Sat 20th Apr 2013 19:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Finally?"
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You've rightly identified the "wanker" as John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, (thank you very much), but the question was "who cares(beside other mindless fanbois)?".

A joke? Hardly. It's a new-ish control mechanism that's surfaced in recent years on blogs and in their forums.
The pundit/writer enables his duller parroting fans (those with the lowest brain to shite ratios, who can't think for themselves) a means by which to disqualify a negative argument simply by their opposition's use of this or that word or term.
Using FINALLY in the context of Apple (here)is supposed to negate the whole argument that follows by subterfuge, while at the same time the pundit/writer/wanker (Gruber) is promoted by being quoted as some preeminent authority, couched in this instance as humor.

As to your last point on forensic evidence of Apple's resistance where the word finally is unimpeachably appropriate.

When, FINALLY, is Apple going to pass full ownership rights on to the purchasers of their bought and paid for products? Instead of acting the controlling FASCIST, NAZI, JACKBOOTED, thugs that their actions over the years have proven they most certainly are.

Note: FASCIST, NAZI and JACKBOOT are all used in various venues within this same mechanism.

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