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Hardware, Embedded Systems "While much of the tech world views a two-year-old smartphone as hopelessly obsolete, large swaths of our transportation and military infrastructure, some modern businesses, and even a few computer programmers rely daily on technology that hasn't been updated for decades." Back when I still worked at a hardware and plumbing store - up until about 4-5 years ago - we used MS-DOS cash registers. They are still in use today. If it works, it works.
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RE: Legacy Systems are big business
by Kochise on Sun 21st Apr 2013 06:34 UTC in reply to "Legacy Systems are big business"
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Still using my 2007 VIA C7 @ 2 GHz computer running under XP and 2000 without any problem. Without the bloat-ware that is in use nowadays, it's a wonder ! Bloat-ware I say ? Fully configured XP after start : 110 MB RAM used. 2000 ? 56 MB ! Beat this ! Puppy Linux perhaps.

I used to have addiction for Atari computers : ST line with Motorola 68000 @ 8 MHz (yeahs, EIGHT) and 1 to 4 MB RAM, or the Falcon030 with 68030 @ 16 MHz with 14 MB (not 16 due to the IO shadowing, just like a x86 cannot have full 4 GB)

You know what ? These computers used to be just (almost) as usable than an ordinary PC, booted in 30 seconds, lacked a lot of recent ports (USB) and drivers (printers) and also horsepower, but for everyday usage, they were just fine. Now Android device fit the niche : no strong power, but usable.

And the ST manufactured in 1984 were just running as fine as in day 1 ! After more than 30 years ! Just the floppies were shattering into oblivion somedays (wha don't you read stupid plastic disc ?)


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